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Transition to Education Health and Care Plans

Our Transition Plan sets out when and how children and young people with statements will be transferred to the new Special Educational Needs (SEN) system, and when they can expect to have an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan.

It also provides information about transfer for young people in further education and training who receive support as a result of a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA). The Transition Plan is based on guidance issued by the Department for Education in July 2014.

Transfer of existing statements to EHC Plans

It is expected that all children and young people who have a statement and who would have continued to have one under the current system, will be transferred to an EHC plan – no child or young person should lose their statement and not have it replaced with an EHC plan simply because the system is changing.

During the transition period, a child or young person’s statement will remain in place until:

  • the local authority decides to cease the statement;
  • the statement is ceased because the young person leaves education;
  • the child or young person has a transfer review and an EHC plan is secured for her/him
  • the child/young person has a transfer review and the local authority decides that she/he does not require an EHC plan.

There will be a staged transfer of these statements to EHC plans. The timetable for the transfer arrangements is clearly outlined in the Transfer Review Guidance found in the related documents section of this page. A transfer from an LDA to an EHC plan can also be requested by the young person, their parent (with the young person’s consent) or the educational setting (such as school or college) by contacting the SEN team.

Transfer of students who already have an LDA and wish to transfer to an EHC plan

LDAs for young people have been carried out either because they had a statement at school or because, in the opinion of the local authority, they are likely to need additional support as part of their future education or training and would benefit from an LDA to identify their learning needs and the provision required to meet those needs.

Young people who are currently receiving support as a result of a LDA and remain in further education or training during the transition period 2014 to 2016, who request and need an EHC plan, must be issued with one.

A transfer from an LDA to an EHC plan can be requested by the young person, their parent (with the young person’s consent) or the educational setting by  contacting the SEN team.

Our estimate for the transfer of LDAs to EHC plans during the two year transition period is as follows:

  • 2014-2015 approximately 50
  • 2015-2016

Raising awareness of the Local Transition Plan

This plan and arrangements for transferring statements to EHC plans will be published on the Local Offer, sent to every parent with a child with a statement and communicated directly to Schools, Early Years Settings, and groups supporting parents.

Key staff in Post 16 settings will be asked to promote and explain the plan to learners with LDAs, and to also communicate this to their families if appropriate.

What will happen when a statement or LDA is transferred to an EHC plan?

The transfer process will take up to 14 weeks and will include a Transfer Review meeting. The transfer review meeting will focus on what is important to and for the child or young person and will involve all those involved coming together to write the EHC plan.

Guidance will be published in January 2015 which will give full details of the transfer process for educational settings and parents. This guidnace has been informed from the sucessful pilot which ran September - November 2014.

Where should I go for further information and advice?

For more information about the Transfer of Statements and LDAs to EHC plans, please contact the SEN team.

For impartial information, advice and supporton any aspect of SEN please contact Supportive Parents or KIDS’. Both are nationwide Charities who offer independent support and are  trained to  give you practical support and guidance throughout the EHC needs assessment and Transfer Review process.

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