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Self Help Tool

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For some people, age or disability might mean that you can't do as much as you used to or as much as you would like. For example you may need help with getting around, with looking after yourself, or with managing shopping and cleaning. You may also want to start to consider your future requirements and how you can prepare for them, for example accommodation options such as Extra Care Housing.

The Self Help Tool can find you services and activities to support your independence. You will be asked a few initial questions about your current needs which will direct you to specific information, advice or details of services that may be able to help you.

Under the Care Act you are entitled to an assessment of your care needs and you may wish to send us your answers at the end of the questionnaire to trigger this. However, if you own your own home or have savings over £23,250 you will be unlikely to be eligible for financial support from the council and will be expected to contribute towards any cost of care, you will then be classified as a 'self-funder'.

If you are a self-funder we also provide a free information and advice service through our care navigator service which will help you access the relevant services whether you choose a full assessment or not.

Care Navigator Service

If the situation is serious or urgent, contact Care Connect on 01934 888 801.

See our privacy and data protection page to find out how we collect and use data

Before you start...

  • This questionnaire is for adults (over 18)
  • You can complete it yourself or on behalf of someone else
  • It usually takes around 10-15 mins to complete the first section to get a result
  • You do not have to tell us who you are or share any of your personal details to access information
  • After getting a result, you will have the chance to make a referral to the council for more information

What is your postcode?

The eligibility criteria for adult social care is the same across all councils in England, however to make a referral, we need to establish that you live in the North Somerset area.

Your results and referrals

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