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About short breaks and respite

Short breaks provide opportunities for disabled children and young people to spend time away from their primary carers. These may range from just a few hours to day, evening, overnight or weekend activities and take could place in the child’s own home, the home of an approved carer, a residential or community setting. Short break services are additional services required to support disabled children and their families to remain safe, well and secure. In other words, short breaks are services over and above the universal services expected and available to all families.

While some short breaks are available without assessment, provision of some types of short breaks is based on an assessment of the whole family, addressing both their personal and social needs. Short breaks occur on a regular and planned basis and should be part of an integrated programme of support which is regularly reviewed. No short break or single placement should last for more than 17 days of continuous care and total provision over a year should not exceed 75 days.

Our Short Breaks Statement is now available.

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