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Your voice - You asked, we responded

We are committed to developing the Local Offer in partnership with children and young people, parents and carers in North Somerset.

If you want to see other information here, or have suggestions about the Local Offer, please let us know. Also, if you have questions about the services, processes or policies we mention on the site, please drop us a line.

We take your feedback seriously.

Below are some examples of recent comments and our responses including changes we have made.

Give feedback

Feedback about our services for SEND

If you would like to help develop and review our SEND services you can:

Please don't use the address for enquiries specific to your child's assessment or plan, as it is monitored by a number of people. Any enquiries of this nature are always best directed to the Education Inclusion Service.

From time to time we run consultations on our services. We will always highlight these here, but all current consultations can be found on North Somerset's eConsult website.

You asked, we responded...

We take your feedback seriously and alwasy look at ways we can improve our services and the information about them. Here are a few areas where parents and carers views have resulted in a change in how things are done:

Meetings with parents should be arranged around suitable times for parents/carers to be involved.

The send progamme board now meets between 11am - 1pm as indicated as being a good time by parents and carers.

Parents were concerned about upcoming changes to Home to School Transport which may have an impact on their child's journey

The SEND Programme Board looked at these concerns, and asked the Integrated Transport Unit to delay the changes, which they agreed to do. A Working Group including parent and carer representatives was formed, and there now will be a longer period of consultation and co-production around a revised School Transport Policy which is clearer for everyone.

Parents/carers were not happy about the lack of things for their child to do

A short break survey was sent out on November 1st to consult with parents, carers, professionals, children and young people concerning short breaks.  The results will inform us about what services we commission in the future.

Parents/carers were not happy about the amount of information on the landing page of the Local Offer, they wanted this condensed

The landing page information has now been reviewed and the amount of advice and guidance pages reduced.

What will you do with my questions and comments?

Your comments will help us to understand the kind of services which are needed by children with SEND and their families, and will inform the strategies and policies we develop and the services we commission to meet these needs in the future.

Local Offer Parent Reference Group

We operate a Parent Reference Group which helps us evaluate and develop the Local Offer. The group includes representatives from the local Parent Care Forum, Supportive Parents and other interested parents and meets at a convenient time during the school day to enable parents to participate fully.

If you are interested in working with the Local Offer Parent Reference Group, please contact us at

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