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About looking after someone

If you’re looking after someone who could not manage without your help due to a physical or mental health problem, learning disability, dementia, alcohol or substance mis-use then you are a carer.

In North Somerset, the Carers Support Alliance provides support to both young and adults carers to enable them to continue caring whilst supporting them to have a life of their own, outside of their caring role.

Carers Emergency Response Scheme

Are you concerned about what would happen to the person you look after if you were unable to care for them due to an emergency, e.g. if you were admitted to hospital or had an accident? The council has an emergency response scheme to ensure they would get the support they need.

Rally Round

Unpaid carers in North Somerset can now access a FREE online application called Rally Round that can make life much easier to manage.  Rally Round lets you set up and invite people to join an online network of support to which you can post tasks that they can then offer to do for you. It’s the perfect way for people who want to help to get involved. It lets you ask for help without feeling awkward.

For more information visit their Website: or call 03000 120 120.

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