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Early Years Funding - Information for childcare providers

Childcare providers need to join North Somerset Council’s directory of providers to claim funding to deliver the free early education entitlement for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.  Funding is claimed on-line via North Somerset Early Years Hub.

If you wish to claim funding please complete and return the following documents by email to

  1. A copy of your current insurance certificate
  2. A copy of your bank mandate or a letter from your bank which lists:
  • The name of your account
  • The type of account e.g. sole trader, dual signatory
  • The name of the signatory to the account (you need a specific account for your business, i.e., an account in your own name, unless you work in partnership with another childminder)

0-2 year old funding

The Local Authority will pay for some children to attend childcare provision between the ages of birth to 2 years.  More information on how children are referred can be found on our 0-2 funding pages

2 year old funding

Some two year olds can get funding for 15 hours of funded education at a childcare setting.  Parents need to meet certain criteria.  Parents need to apply for funding via North Somerset online application .  Some two year olds can also get funding if they are entitled to DLA or are adopted, if this is the case please use the referral process.

3-4 year old funding

Childcare providers must claim 2 and 3/4 year old funding via North Somerset Online Portal

Useful documents and information for childcare providers can be found on the Information for Childcare providers page.

DAF funding

Information on Disability Access funding can be found on our page for parents.  

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