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Our Local Area SEND Strategy & Co-Production Charter

Over the past year we have worked with parents, carers and young people to develop our Local Area Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Strategy. This document explains how we will all work together to make sure that services we provide to children and their families work well together, provide clear information on what you can expect, and don't cause undue delays or problems.

We have also agreed a co-production charter which commits us all to involving parents, carers, children and young people and their representative groups fully in decisions about services. 

What is in the strategy?

The strategy includes:

  • Our vision for children and young people with SEND in North Somerset
  • Our principles - how we will work together, resolve differences and ensure the best outcomes
  • Our Aims - what we hope to achieve in the coming year, and how we will know we're making progress

There is also lots of background information on how many children we work with, how much money we spend, and how we join together to deliver services.

What about co-production?

We have worked together to come up with a Co-Production charter which explains how we will make sure parents, carers and children and young people are involved in decisions about services and plans. This is an exciting and important part of this strategy, and there is a chance to comment on this charter too.

How can I comment on the strategy and the charter?

We will continue to review the strategy, and we will update our progress here on the Local Offer. Our 'Your Voice' page explains how to get in contact with us or find out about feedback we've recevied. Please note that in keeping with our commitments under the Co-Production charter, comments sent via the Local Offer won't be recorded on case files or used in decisions about support. It's safe - and really helpful - to give us honest, open feedback.

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