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Education Health and Care Plans in North Somerset

New: You can now request an education, health and care assessment online

We have created some easy-to-read guides for parents, and some guides specifically for children and young people on many aspects of the process - you can view them here on the Local Offer.

This information has been co-produced with families and professionals to support and enable everyone to better understand the local area’s processes and procedures for supporting children and young people with SEND. We have also written some guidance for key professionals who will be providing information for the EHCP process, to ensure they offer consistent, high quality advice when needed.

Our formal guidance on the local approach to Education Health and Care Planning Assessment is here, but we would encourage you to read the chapters on the graduated response alongside these as they include important information about how schools and early years settings must support children and young people with SEND.

We have broken the document up into sections based on stages of a child’s progress through pre-school and education, to cover the specific changes in provision which occur. However, you may wish to download the whole set of chapters as one document too.

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