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Care Navigators

The Care Navigator service is a free service for people aged 18 and over who are responsible for paying for their own social care*. The service provides information and practical help regarding care and support options in the local community.

People responsible for paying for their own social care include those who:

  • have over £23,250 in savings (or £46,500 in joint savings)
  • do not wish to disclose their finances
  • a care assessment completed by North Somerset Council has found they do not meet the eligibility criteria
  • do not wish to have an assessment of their care needs completed by North Somerset Council

Care Navigators can offer support to people who live at home, in a care home or people who are being discharged from hospital.

* Social care is centred on improving well-being and enabling people to live as independent a life as possible, for example supporting people with personal care, mealtimes and shopping

To make a referral or for more information call Care Connect on 01275 888 801.

What is the benefit of using the Care Navigator service?

Care Navigators provide free impartial advice and support, they use local knowledge of services in the area to tailor a service to meet individual needs and help achieve best value for money.

How long does it take before I get to speak to a Care Navigator?

You will be contacted within 5 working days.

Will a Care Navigator visit me to help answer my questions or is it only telephone advice?

Care Navigators can provide support via telephone calls or a home visit, just let the Care Navigator know how you would prefer to receive the support when you speak to them.

I am paying for my care at present, what happens when I reach the financial threshold, can I get help to pay for my care?

You can apply to North Somerset Council for a care assessment which will look at your needs and how they can best be met, this will also include a financial assessment. For more information contact our Care Connect team 01275 888801.

What is a financial threshold?

Financial threshold is when an individual’s capital limit is reached, which at present is £23,250, (correct as at April 2016)

Do Care Navigators only support people to access care?

No, we help people access a whole range of community services in North Somerset.

What can I do if Mum refuses help from the Care Navigator service?

Everyone has the right to make their own life choices, where they have the capacity to do so. If Mum doesn’t want contact with us, we can provide you with the information on services available in the local area. Additionally, if you are a carer you are entitled to a carer's assessment to look at your own needs. For more information contact our Care Connect team. – 01275 888 801

When looking for domiciliary care (home care) will the Care Navigator provide me with a list of care agencies or can they help me to arrange the service?

We can do either, it’s up to you how much support you would like from us.  If the Care Navigator does help arrange care they can help achieve choice and best value for money by advising on all agencies available to deliver the care package you require.

How long will it take to arrange a care package?

There is no standard time, we aim to get offers from care agencies within a few days. When this is not possible we will continue to look until we have an offer/s in place.

How much is domiciliary care (home care) going to cost?

At present home care costs between £16 and £18 per hour (correct as of July 2015). Evening, weekend and bank holiday visits normally cost more.

What is a care home?

A care home is any home registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) providing accommodation together with personal care or nursing care.  There are two main types of care homes - residential and nursing homes.

What help can I expect when looking for a care home?

After discussion we can provide you with a list of homes that will meet your needs, advise which of these homes have vacancies and a cost guide. Advice is also given on which homes will accept local authority rates if financial threshold is reached. 

I am a carer and have arranged to go on holiday in three months, can I make contact with the Care Navigator Service now for help to arrange respite care for my wife?

Yes, we can contact some care homes and provide you with a tailored list of homes you may wish to visit.

I will have to pay for my care, is there any financial help I can claim?

Care Navigators can advise on Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Carers Allowance and Funded Nursing Care.

What is the role of the Care Quality Commission?

To monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety. Their findings are published, including performance ratings to help people choose care.

Care Navigators advise people of the Care Quality Commissions role with respect to domiciliary and care home services.

Case Bites

Mr A (77yrs)

Mr A contacted the Care Navigator when he felt the care home he lived in no longer suited his needs and wanted help to find an alternative home. The Care Navigator visited Mr A to discuss what he would like from a residential home and from this was able to identify a couple of alternative homes with vacancies that better matched his requirements.  After talking through the options with Mr A he chose a home which he has now successfully moved into. 

Mr & Mrs B (81yrs & 83yrs)

The Care Navigator visited Mr & Mrs B following a request from their daughter.  Mr B was mentally very capable but was in poor physical health, his wife was physically very healthy but her short term memory was poor. They had previously been able to manage by helping each other but were now finding it increasingly difficult to give the support each other needed.  After discussion with the Care Navigator and support to find services Mr & Mrs B now have help from a care provider 7 mornings a week for 1 hour, plus Meals on Wheels daily.  Referrals were also made to Age UK to help complete Attendance Allowance forms and local support services for people with memory issues. 

Mrs C (78yrs)

Mrs C’s family contacted the Care Navigator to help arrange some care for their mother who was keen to return home following an emergency residential home placement. The care needed to be in place before Mrs C could return home.  A daily morning call was required to help with personal care, emptying the commode and making breakfast, an anonymous expression of interest was sent out by the Care Navigator to care providers detailing the requirements.  From the offers received back Mrs C & her family chose a care provider, contact was made with the provider and a start date was agreed, enabling Mrs C to return home with the support required to ensure her wellbeing.

Where can I get further information and help?

Why not try North Somerset's self-help tool for information on local and national support organisations.

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