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Are you eligible for benefits based free school meals?

We have been made aware that the Department for Work and Pensions eligibility checker is not working.  Please do not use the checker as it will be returned as not eligible.  We will update the page when it is working again.

This is the benefits based free school meals checker, if your child is in year R, year 1 and year 2 of primary school this result will not affect the free infant meals which are given out to all infants automatically by the school.

By completing an assessment below you can quickly check whether your child is eligible for free school meals.  

WARNING - If your child is already entitled to free school meals at a North Somerset school, do not reapply as you may lose your entitlement and be charged for meals.

If you need to change your address or update your child's school details, please email 

Please note there is no free school meal holiday voucher scheme, any supermarket vouchers given out to free school meal families are not from free school meal funds, but are given out via the school from the Household Support Fund which is funded by the DWP. There are no further vouchers for the remainder of 2022.

Please only use this checker if your child is in Reception class or above. Your child is not entitled to free school meals if they are in preschool.

Please do not use this checker if your child is in college as they do not use this scheme.

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