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Information on housing support

When young people start planning for their future, they should be given information about the support available to help with housing. This includes benefits and funding available to support people with SEND to live independently, as well as personal budgets, community support, and assistive technology to support independent living, when appropriate.

Independent living does not describe a type of accommodation or mean living alone. It describes a person being in control of their living situation as much as they can be and being in an environment which promotes their health and happiness.

There are a wide range of support services and organisations available to support parents, carers and young people with housing issues, including independent living and equipment and adaptations.

There is a wide range of disability-related financial support, including benefits, tax credits, payments, grants and concessions.

Support for young people with SEND to live independently

PA Finder can be used to find Personal Assistants seeking new work opportunities.

Adaptations to your home might be necessary to improve mobility in the home or to accommodate specialist equipment. You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

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