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Personal Assistants For An 11 Year Old Child With A Disability

  • For a female
  • Client is aged 4 - 16 years
  • Located in Portishead East, North Somerset
  • Requires help with: Personal Care; Support with Activities; Personal Hygiene
  • PA should have: Full Driving License; Current DBS/CRB check; Use of own transport
Job description

Margaret Gordon is a lively 11 year old girl with ASD who would benefit from a sensible, yet outgoing PA who could safely explore the wider world with her.

Margaret suffers from anxiety and would need help with venturing away from parents to safely interact socially with peers and general public.

Margaret loves most activities and is happiest when in a 1-2-1 situation with people. She would benefit from any activity, especially exercise such as swimming & cycling.

Margaret will also need support around roads, general social awareness with peers, how to talk safely to strangers and how to take care of her personal hygiene. 

About the job

The PA should have...
Full Driving License
Current DBS/CRB check
Use of own transport

Salary / Hourly Rates

Rate Type Notes
£10 Per hour See additional salary information

The Direct Payment hourly rate is £10.58 before employment costs are taken out. This usually means the maximum rate is £8.50 an hour. Some parents choose to negotiate different rates with Personal Assistants. If you are unsure about the rates it’s acceptable to state a sentence like the example below:

I am happy to negotiate an hourly rate directly with the worker. Salary is dependent upon experience and ability to fulfil the role. 

Days & Times

When is the PA needed?
When is the PA needed?
Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight Start time End time
Saturday 12:00 12:00
Availability notes

We are happy to have a PA work with Margaret whenever suits both parties

About the client

Client age group:
4 - 16 years
Client gender:
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