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Register as a PA or change your existing entry

I want to register for the first time or re-register after a gap

People looking for a Personal Assistant (PA) will be searching for support to best suit their needs so it is important you include as much as you can about your skills, abilities and availability. You may want to look at our information page:

How can I become a personal assistant?

We will check your application before it is posted so there may be a delay before it appears. We will be as quick as we can.
Please note we have a right to remove any entries at our discretion.
When you register you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. You need to activate it within twenty four hours.
We will send you regular updates about training and we will contact you every six months to check if you are still looking for work.

I am already registered I want to change or remove my details

If you want to change your details after you have submitted then click on below

If you are no longer looking for work please let us know by calling the Direct Payment Support Service on 01275 88 2900

I want to search current job listings

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