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Adult Services - Falls and Balance

Advice and treatment for adult patients with a history of falls or at risk of falling

Who is this service for?

Anyone can have balance problems or fall over to a lower level but around one in three adults over the age of 65 who live at home have at least one fall a year. This is because they may have risk factors which include balance problems, muscle weakness, poor vision or a long-term health condition.

What we do

If you have balance problems then health professionals within Sirona adult services are able to assess your risk of falling and give advice on reducing that risk.

We do this by asking about your health and the circumstances of any falls and how they happened. We also ask about anything that affects your bone health. We then provide advice and information about how you can improve your safety, balance and confidence.

Our adult services are supported by the Specialist Falls Service to provide a consistent, evidence based approach to falls risk assessment and strategies to prevent falls. The specialists will also give advice to people who have complex needs.

How do I access this service?

To access the relevant adult services you will need to be referred by a healthcare professional.

Who to contact

Contact Position
Lead Clinician
0300 124 5859

Where to go

Falls Prevention and Management Service
Tickenham Road
North Somerset
BS21 9AX

Other details


NHS service


Referral required
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