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Tai Chi in Nailsea

Chen Tai Chi Xinjia - Based on Chen Fa Ke form in Beijing.  This is the New Style form and knowledge of Laojia is strongly recommended.  The instructor trains in Beijing every year with Yang De Hou, the last surviving student of this grand master and teach the original pattern.  Partner work will also take place. 

This class is out-doors only weather permitting

Please contact Tom for more information.  


Who to contact

Contact Name
Tom Sapsed
Contact Position
07460 810 478

Where to go

Moor End Spout
BS48 2DE

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Every Sunday from 8.30 am onwards - weather permitting
Session Information
Morning only

Other details


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Xin Jia (New Frame) is a Chen Taijiquan form, created by Chen Fa Ke, 17th generation bearer of Chen family, from Chenjia gou, creators of Taijiquan. Chen Fa Ke created Xin Jia as an alternative to the traditional Lao Jia after going to Beijing and finding that people associated Taijiquan mostly with Yang and Wu styles, which arrived earlier in Beijing . Xin Jia is therefore marked by lots of visible Chen-style silk reeling and Fa Jin (explosive energy release) movements. Chen Fa Ke also used internal spiraling movements, and is more complex that the Lao Jia form that most people are familar with. Being the first Chen style form to be shown in a large city (and, from there, to the rest of the world), it has become the trademark of the style

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