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1 - Response24 Service

What is Response24?


Response24 is a 24/7 emergency care service that connects with monitored alarm systems and Telecare equipment in North Somerset. It provides first responder assistance and offers options for year-round or weekly coverage based on your needs. We ensure peace of mind for individuals and family members with welfare checks, personal care, and help for non-injury falls during response calls.




Response24 Service Objectives:


  • To support other services to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions
  • To reduce the number of calls made to the emergency services for non-emergency situations.
  • To provide a support service to trained health professionals such as Rapid Response and District Nurses.
  • To provide a service that can enhance and enable people to live at home safely for longer.
  • To offer support and respite to family members and carers.


Why Response24?


  • Beneficial to people with no local contacts who are able to access monitored alarms and Telecare equipment systems.
  • Response24 can respond when your contacts are unavailable, for example, if they are at work.
  • Response24 can provide emergency short-term services whilst other alternative services are arranged to ensure your safety and well-being, for example, should your carer become ill or unable to care for you.
  • Response24 can act as a substitute for your usual contacts for a short period, for example, if your carer or family member/s wishes to go on holiday and they would normally respond in an emergency.
  • Response24 can work alongside any existing services you may receive to provide you with a complete and more cost-effective 24-hour support package.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Wendy Finnegan
Contact Position
Service Manager
01275 874 861

Where to go

Access Your Care
Unit 6 Belvedere Court
10 Beaufighter Road
North Somerset
BS24 8EE

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Lines are open 24 hours

Other details


Referral Details

Within North Somerset, we work in partnership with Carelink and North Somerset Council to offer Response24 FREE of charge to all Carelink Clients. For more information, please contact us.

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