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Multi-Agency Support Team - MAST

The Multi-Agency Support Team -  MAST is funded by a partnership between the Local Authority and Health Services in North Somerset.  The aim is to provide a service, in partnership with other professionals, for children and young people with severe learning difficulties/disabilities and challenging behaviour who live in North Somerset.

What the Team does

  • assess the child/young person's needs to inform interventions
  • provide an intervention plan
  • support the implementation of the intervention
  • work with parents/carers and everyone involved with the child/young person
  • provide consultation to other agencies
  • to be aware of new developments and utilise those which could improve the service offered
  • ensure good multi-agency communication and create a team around the child

Each team member is allocated approximately 3.5 hours a week for this work.  All members of the team have experience, knowledge and training in the area of challenging behaviour and severe learning difficulties.


Severe Learning Difficulty/Disability - children and young people who have been recognised by two or more agencies as having a severe learning difficulty/disability.

Challenging Behaviour - severe challenging behaviour refers to behaviours of such intensity, frequency or duration, that the physical safety of the person or others is likely to be placed in severe jeopardy.  Of behaviour which is likely to limit or delay access to and use of ordinary health/social or community facilities.

Who to contact

01275 343 990

Where to go

The Barn Youth Community Centre
Great Western Road
BS21 6HB

Local offer


Please call for further information.

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