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Gary Parsons Counselling

Are you Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed Out?

Do you have a personal goal that you are struggling to reach?
Or just feeling like you could do with some support or someone who listens to you?!

There are endless reasons why people just like you feel like seeking some additional support. Whatever your concerns getting in touch can be the first step to getting things back on track.

If you are feeling anxious about getting in touch, or wonder if your problem is too big, or not big enough, that's OK - together we'll take a look at whatever your situation is, and work together to help you get things feeling more like you'd like them to be.

What are the potential BENEFITS of Counselling?

It could be you find ways to reduce stress or improve your work/life balance. Discussing things in our sessions may help you figure out what you need from others, and how to communicate this effectively. In my experience, a small change can often create a ripple effect, giving you additional unexpected momentum in other areas of your life, for example, as a result you may find you have better sleep!

Talking therapies can provide insights that lead to fewer arguments with loved ones, or resilience, such as the ability to be assertive and deal with your bully of a boss! Whatever your experience has been, having the chance to get things off your chest, feel really listened to and understood, come to terms with events or figure out what you'd like life to be like and how to achieve that, can be a worthwhile investment and rewarding process.

Why choose Gary as your Counsellor?!

I do my best to work in a straightforward, jargon free, down to earth way. My approach is based on your personal situation and experiences, and always at a pace chosen by you. I try to ensure you feel in control of our sessions and provide regular opportunities to review our work together.

Following your initial enquiry, I'll get back to you ASAP! I don't like waiting lists either, so I aim to reply promptly in order to answer any questions or arrange our first meeting.

The time and space I offer is dedicated solely to YOU, to use in a purposeful, YOU focused way. There are no interruptions or distractions. You dictate the pace - I won't rush you, your number of sessions is not limited. We can review how we are doing regularly; when you reach a point where you feel you have achieved what you wanted to, you can decide to end your sessions.

I won't tell you what to do, or judge the decisions you've made or path you choose to move forward; unlike a relationship with a friend or family member I have no agenda, other than supporting and helping you to live your life the way you want to, as the best version of yourself.

How do I start?

Simply clicking the 'EMAIL ME' red button at the top of the profile will allow you to provide details which I will respond to to get things started.

I offer one, FREE Initial Meeting to help you feel more relaxed about deciding if I am the right person to help you.
In this meeting we can begin to get to know each other - this a relaxed informal occasion where you can ask questions and figure out if you'd like to proceed with further sessions. There is no 'hard sell' - you choose if you'd like to continue.

If you feel positively about the meeting, and believe working together would be a positive experience, we can discuss days and times that would be good for you to meet on, the purpose of our sessions, and how we will know when the time is right to complete our work together (I review how we are doing regularly to make sure things are on track for you!)

Who to contact

Contact Name
Gary Parsons
Contact Position
07724 321 830

Where to go

BAY Centre
Cassis Close
Burnham on Sea

I work from several locations in Somerset; all are community buildings. This has several advantages for you;

  • It allows you to select an easy to find location that is most convenient to you,
  • Good free parking,
  • Within walking distance of regular bus routes,
  • Have ground floor access for chair users or those who struggle with stairs,
  • Clean accessible toilet facilities,
  • Provide a safe, warm, comfortable private setting to talk in.

Currently I am able to offer appointments from;

  • The BAY Centre, Burnham on Sea/Highbridge
  • Westfield United Reformed Church, Bridgwater (Next to the Fair Field)

Maps and detailed directions are available on my website.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Check website for current availability
Time of day
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