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Kingsmour Playground Club

The contents of the Kingsmour Playground Club is the property of Yeo Valley Lions Club.  The land on which the Playground stands is leased from Middle Land Farm, Kingston Seymour. 

The Kingsmour Playground Club is provided by Yeo Valley Lions Club on land which is leased from Middle Lane Farm, Kingston Seymour. It is equipped to cater for those with a variety of special needs.

Membership: is open to any disabled person on application to Yeo Valley Lions Club. Members must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and siblings and other guests may accompany a member.

Charges:  there is a one-off charge of £2.50 on application for membership. Yeo Valley Lions Club reserves the right to charge Members for any damage caused to the playground by them or their guests. There are no periodic charges.

Adult supervision:  every Member must always be under the supervision of a responsible adult who shall be totally responsible for the safety and behaviour of that Member and must ensure that the Member’s actions do not endanger him, her or others.

More information on the rules and conditions for using Kingsmour Playground Club are provided with the application form. These are available from:

The Playground Secretary, Yeo Valley Lions Club, 3 Chescombe Court, Chescombe Road, Yatton, Bristol BS49 4JZ or email:

Who to contact


Where to go

Kingsmour Playground
Middle Lane
Kingston Seymour
BS21 6XW

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Membership required.

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