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Sheiling School - A special needs school and children's home

Sheiling School is part of the Sheiling Special Education Trust, which is a registered charity and non-profit making company.

Sheiling School provides a living, working and learning environment that is comfortable, beautiful and natural, befitting of a home away from home with extensive SEN facilities.  The school also benefits from sharing its site with Sheiling College, allowing a continuation of education up to the age of 24. To read more about Sheiling College visit

A heart, head and hands approach to teaching and supporting children and young people with a special educational need, our Rudolf Stiener inspired school conducts modern best practice whilst respecting and developing every student's sense of self.

Set in a stunning 50-acre site close to the New Forest and Dorset coastline, the natural surroundings of our school provide a rich, enabling and therapeutic learning environment for up to 36 students, aged 6-19, who have a special educational need.  We specialise in autism and communication difficulties and challenging behaviour.

The school offers an individualised and flexible approach to placements, 38 or 52 week, day, extended day, weekly, termly and year round boarding. We also offer respite services during the holidays.

Students are encouraged and supported to become resourceful and caring individuals, to explore the world of feelings, behaviour and skills in different environments and social groups, whilst also developing functional independence, in preparation for adult life.

The school builds positive relationships with students that acknowledge their value and dignity, believing that every child and young person can be empowered to find meaning and purpose in life, regardless of their ability.

Who to contact

Contact Name
School admissions
Contact Position
01425 477 488
Sheling School website

Where to go

Sheiling School
The Sheiling Ringwood
Horton Road
BH24 2EB

The rural nature of the estate and dispersed school/college buildings and houses limits the physical and organisational adjustments that can be made to accommodate students with certain disabilities.  These would be considered and fully assessed at the time of application.

If required we would access the Local Authority translation service, for students and parents for whom English is not their first language.


Time / Date Details

When is it on
38 or 52 week, day, extended day, weekly, termly and year round boarding. We also offer respite services during the holidays.
Time of day
Session Information
24 hour/Waking day curriculum

Other details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
In the majority of cases a statement or Education and Health Care Plan is required to fund a UK placement Please contact me for further details


Referral required
Referral Details

Our admissions process is carefully managed and normally includes visits by parents and carers.  Referrals often come from a local authority, parents, social services or a current education provider.

A thorough assessment of a prospective student's learning, social and care needs is made by senior members of staff who will visit a child/young person in their home and/or current setting.

Each referral is carefully and individually considered and the selection of pupils takes into account the needs of the existing students and the rural nature of our provision.

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