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Adult Services - End Of Life Care

A single point of access for all health care professionals who are caring for patients towards the end of their lives

Who is this service for?

For adults who have a palliative or terminal diagnosis. We also support families and carers.

What we do

This service is for people who have a terminal or palliative diagnosis and are in the last year of life. We aim to help those with advanced, progressive and terminal conditions to live as well as possible and die with dignity.

We support a variety of community teams to provide outstanding person-centred palliative care using a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach.

To access this service you’ll need to be referred by a healthcare professional via our contact details.

Who provides care?

The people who provide End of Life Care fall into two main groups:

General care: Those who provide day-to-day care such as GPs, community or Marie Curie nurses, care workers and occupational therapists, as well as community companions and specialist charity groups.

Specialist care: Experts in palliative care such as consultants in palliative medicine, clinical nurse specialists and hospice staff.

People receiving End of Life Care are likely to experience both general and specialist care as needs change.

Where does palliative care take place?

Palliative care can be provided in different places including at home, in hospital, at a care home or a hospice. A team of professionals work together to assess care needs and those of family and friends.

How do I access this service?

You need to be referred by a healthcare professional to access this service.

Who to contact

0300 125 6789

Other details


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