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Podiatry Service

We offer a wide range of community services for people classed as at risk, high risk or suffering various conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.

Who is this service for?

This service is for adults registered with a Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire GP who have complex medical conditions which puts their feet at ‘high risk’ of complications.

What we do

Our service provides podiatry in community clinics across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and a restricted home visiting service for those that are chair/bedbound. The service provides:

  • Screening for people with diabetes at high risk of developing foot complications
  • Immediate, short term and long-term solutions for painful foot conditions for those people classed as high risk.
  • Acute wound management.
  • Toenail Surgery.
  • Partial /total nail avulsions for children (7 years and above) and adults with ingrown toenails that are causing localised tissue damage and who have been assessed as suitable for this procedure.
  • A nail cutting service for patients who are at high risk.

Routine nail cutting is not undertaken.

High risk is defined as ‘people that have a foot problem combined with an underlying medical condition that is affecting the circulation or sensation in the lower leg or foot which may put them at risk of hospitalisation or amputation.

For assessment and management of MSK foot & ankle problems relating to biomechanical joint dysfunction and associated soft tissue symptoms please refer to the MSK Foot & Ankle Service.on Remedy.

How do I access this service?

We only accept referrals from health care professional including GPs, health visitors, community nurses, practice nurses and Allied Health Professional’s (AHPs).

Who to contact

01275 885 070

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