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TinyTalk - North Somerset


TinyTalk helping babies to communicate before they can talk.  It's an exciting way of interacting with your child through children's songs and nursery rhymes and teaches both parents, carers and babies sign language.

TinyTalk classes provide entertainment in an educational and fun setting for both babies and their carers.  Learning can continue at home through the TinyTalk signing pack, CD, video and interactive DVD. 

You can:

  1. Learn a number of baby signs for useful everyday words and phrases - allowing you to talk to your baby for the first time by baby signing.
  2. Spend time singing favourite nursery rhymes and action songs.

Apart from learning baby signing, your baby will also have time to play with a variety of toys - whilst the mums relax with coffee and chocolate biscuits!

All the teachers are either parents or have worked closely with your children.  They all want the very best of their own children as well as for all children.  The TinyTalk approach is both professional and relaxed.  TinyTalk baby signing classes are structured but they are also great fun.  Parents and babies seem to adopt the TinyTalk baby signing classes formula offers.

For information on classes in North Somerset please see website:

Who to contact

07825 2522 34

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