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Include Me Too

“Include Me TOO” has proven to be a strong medium for the disabled equality debate. It has been a process for disabled children, young people and their families, to educate their peers and communities by empowering them as individuals and groups of children to take their equal place in society.

Since 2002 Include Me TOO has been working locally, regionally and nationally profiling disabled children and young people as integral members of society with equal rights. We believe that as a National Charity it is important to continue building upon the work and relationships established locally and nationally, to ensure maximum opportunity for all disabled children, young people and their families. Include Me TOO continues to support them to collectively and individually to express their aspirations and to be valued and taken seriously by society. Over the years we have established the seven key principles of RESPECT which underpin our work alongside the National Include Me TOO Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People. Our vision can be made into a reality by all of us working together’

We are pleased to have received a statement of support from the Prime Minister reaffirming his support for the National Include Me TOO Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People.
“I would like to reiterate my support for the important principles behind “Include Me TOO” Charter. We all have a responsibility to work together so that all disabled children, young people and their families have the opportunities to lead the lives they aspire to.
 I am encouraged by the work of Include Me TOO in working towards this aim.”
Prime Minister’s Supporting statement 2010

Who to contact

01902 711 604
Include me too website

Where to go

2nd Floor, St. Johns House
St. Johns Square
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