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Tai Chi in Nailsea

Tai Chi is a simple and beneficial fitness regime which could improve your physical balance and reduce stress.  Classes every Thursday evening at Nailsea School, Mizzymead Road, Nailsea in the Green Theatre.  

Please call Tom with any questions you may have. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Tom Sapsed
Contact Position
07460 810 478

Where to go

Nailses School
Green Theatre
Mizzymead Roach
BS48 2HN

All Tai Chi exercises are performed standing.  Gentle, slow, soft and contemplative, they are suitable for all ages and abilities. Please call Tom with any questions you may have. 

This class focuses on the Chen style Tai Chi Lao Jia first form along with principles. 

Laojia First Form consists of 74 postures and is the oldest of the Chen style forms. It was created from a synthesis of Chen Wangting’s early routines. In Chen Xin’s book, Illustrated Explanation of Chen Family Taijiquan, the form is divided into 13 sections based on the purpose of the movements. The Laojia Yi Lu is the form from which the Yang style and all other taiji styles developed. It is considered to be the foundation form for all other practice. The great masters of Chen style are said to have practiced this form upwards of twenty times daily.

All of the internal martial arts rely for their effectiveness on Internal Power - the power cultivated by the alignment and co-ordination of the whole body and will. Essentially martial in nature, these arts are practised by most people for their health-giving properties rather than just for self-defence. Ultimately, each of us has our own path in life and the practice of Internal Martial Arts can help us find this path and give us the ability and health to travel it to its fullest


Time / Date Details

When is it on
Thursday evening from 7pm to 8 pm
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