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Mothers for Mothers

We are mothers, who have suffered and recovered from depression, anxiety or isolation during pregnancy or after the birth of one or more of our babies. We are women with lived experience who offer support, advice and information.

Our Helpline offers phone and online support five days a week (10am to 9pm), including weekly support calls at a pre-arranged time. Friends, family and healthcare professionals can also use it for support, information and referrals. Our Helpline is often the first step for a mother in accessing our other services. We also offer Art Psychotherapy and Counselling, Home Visits, SEND Peer support, a wellbeing drop in session, five peer support groups per week and an Antenatal and Wellbeing in pregnancy group. 

Who to contact

0117 239 7389 - For information about the different services
0117 935 9366 - Reach helpline Mon- Fri 10:00am to 9:00pm
E-mail (for weekly support calls or texts) (for art therapy, face to face counselling at the Fulford family Centre, dad’s counselling) (for support groups)
Mother for Mothers website
Parent Organisation
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