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Enhanced Provision Autism and Social Communication team support and autism training offer in North Somerset schools

Some children and young people with autism social communication needs will need intense and direct support. This is when the Enhanced Provision Team can become involved to help build capacity and develop skills, in mainstream as well as specialist school settings. We are also a licensed training hub for the Autism Education Trust’s Schools Programme (see details below).

The key criteria for support through the Enhanced Provision Team are either:  

  • The placement is at risk of breakdown, and/or
  • a pupil is experiencing a significant transition (e.g., change of school or staff or at home)

 The 3 additional criteria are:

  • The school has already received support from an Educational Psychologist provided from within the SEND Service or a freelance Education Psychologist or Advisory Teacher engaged by the school, within the last 12 months. (In the case of a freelance Education Psychologist, acceptance of the referral will be subject to a check of the quality and appropriateness of the assessment by a North Somerset Education Psychologist.)
  • The school must have accessed autism/social communication training for staff working directly with the pupil within the last 3 years
    (this can include being booked on an upcoming training event).
  • The school can identify how Enhanced Provision involvement can support their overall autism development as well as the individual pupil.


All referrals are considered by one of the Specialist HLTAs (Kate Campbell & Kim Kettle) who are then allocated to work directly with the pupil and alongside key staff for a block of time according to need, with dates set to review outcomes and involvement. 

We proactively support Year 6-7 & Post-16 transitions and remain involved at the start of the new academic year to help bridge the transition between settings, ensuring these are well supported.

We offer the Barnardo’s ‘Cygnet’ parent programme for families with a child or young person who has a diagnosis of autism, and more information is available on request.


We also deliver the Autism Education Trust’s modular training programme for practitioners in all North Somerset schools.

Please follow this link for information on training options and costs: Schools Professional Development Programme (

Contact for more details.

Who to contact


Where to go

Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ

Other details


Referral required
Referral Details

Referrals for Enhanced Provision support are submitted to a weekly SEN panel by schools and then the panel checks whether they meet the criteria.

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