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North Somerset Parenting Support Groups

North Somerset offers a range of parenting support groups to service users ie parents and carers working with our Family Support & Safeguarding teams, the Children with Disabilies Team, the Youth Offending Service, Troubled Families, the Resource Service (Fostering and Adoption) or Children’s Centres.

Please ask your worker if you would like to attend a group or complete our parent group referral form and return it to the Children's Front Door.

Our current parenting group offer:

Incredible Years 3-6 and 6-11

This programme helps parents to understand and manage their child’s behaviour. The programme aims to help parents to increase use of positive strategies to enhance children’s positive behaviours (play, praise, rewards) and to increase confidence in selectively using strategies to reduce unwanted behaviours (limit setting, ignoring, timeout). The programme emphasises the importance of parents’ sharing their experiences and encourages them to look at the benefits and challenges of each strategy to help children to learn new behaviours.

Turning into Teens

For parents/carers of young people aged between 11 and 18; strategies to help improve relationships.

Mellow Bumps

This group is designed to help mothers relax.  The focus will be on what the baby can already do and what can be done to make him/her welcome. Pregnancy can be especially hard for mothers who have not had a good childhood or are under stress or experiencing health problems. Getting together with other mums-to-be and sharing ideas can be supportive and an opportunity to begin to address issues in the mother’s life as well as prepare for the baby.

Mellow Babies

For mums/female carers of babies; building a positive relationship and special time with your baby.

Mellow Mums

Mellow Mums is a 14-week intensive programme for mothers of babies and pre-school children. We meet once a week. Being a parent can be a very difficult job, but by sharing good ideas and tips, all of us can develop our parenting skills, and become more confident about managing day to day life with our children. Mums of children aged 0-5 years.

Mellow Dads

Mellow Dads is a free, 14-week intensive programme for fathers of babies and pre-school children.  We meet once a week. Being a parent can be a very difficult job, but by sharing good ideas and tips, all of us can develop our parenting skills, and become more confident about managing day to day life with our children. Children aged 0-5 years.

Moving Forward

For parents in recovery and their children; an opportunity to explore the effect of drugs and alcohol on your family, enjoy time together and plan how to move forward.

Non Violent Resistance (NVR)

Non-violent resistance (NVR) addresses or ‘resists’ aggressive, destructive, risk-taking and other harmful behaviours in children and adolescents. The young person will be using controlling behaviour towards the parent(s)/carer(s) and/or siblings, behaviour which can take the form of physical violence, emotional abuse or non-accidental damage in the home. Children aged 6-18 years.

Parent Plus Adolescent Programme (PPAP)

The teenage years can be a challenging time for many families. By helping parents develop warm relationships with their teenagers you can reduce conflict and support their teenagers to grow up as well-adjusted and happy adults. This programme is practical, solution-focused and draws on parents strengths. It is suitable for parents of adolescents, including those with additional needs, such as ADHD. It is flexible and can be delivered over 6-12 weeks in small groups or with individuals.

Parent plus Special needs (PPSN) group - 11-25 years

Parents of children with additional needs or a disability can face significant challenges, especially during the adolescent years. This programme is practical, solution-focused and draws on parents’ strengths. Suitable for parents who are raising an older child or adolescent with a mild, moderate or severe intellectual disability, and who may also have an additional diagnosis, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a physical disability.

Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) - Parent with a child 0-5 years

Video Interaction Guidance is an attachment-based intervention through which a practitioner aims to enhance communication within relationships.  It works by engaging clients actively in a process of change towards realizing their own hopes for a better future in their relationships with their child. Guiders are themselves guided by the values and beliefs around respect and empowerment.   These include a belief that people in troubled situations do want to change, a respect for what clients are managing to achieve in their current difficulties, and a conviction that the power and responsibility for change resides within clients and their situations.

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