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I want to place an advert for a PA

To place an advert for a Personal Assistant (PA), select the 'place an advert' button, you will need to sign in or register to place an advert on the Personal Assistant Network

How to word your advert

You have to be careful not to discriminate against applicants on the grounds of their gender, ethnicity, disability etc.  There is advice available on the Gov.UK website

You can place an advert which asks for a either a male or female to work with you, if this is to provide personal care as you can say this is 'A Genuine Occupational Requirement under Section 9, Part 1 of the Equality Act 2010'.

There is more information on our adverts page (which includes two example adverts) and on the Equality and Human Rights Commission and on the Skills for Care websites.

After you have submitted your advert we will check it before it is posted online, which may take a day or two.

If you would like some advice before placing your advert please ring the Direct Payment Support Service on 01275 882 900.

Keeping yourself safe

Make sure you keep yourself safe – you may choose to have your direct contact details on your advert and to interview people in your own home but there are other options.

You can ask the Direct Payment Support Service to screen your applicants and pass their details on to you rather than have direct contact.

The local Job Centre may be happy to let you use a room or speak to the Direct Payment Support Service 01275 882 900 to see what else you could do.

Hints and tips as to how you can keep yourself safe

  • always interview the person face-to-face; get someone to help you with the interview; write a list of questions you want to ask them
  • get at least two written references. Ideally one should be from someone who has employed them before, maybe in a similar post
  • check the references are genuine by phoning the referees
  • carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
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