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Preparing for adulthood

Planning for the future and experiencing life changes is an important time in any young person’s life. Often starting at the age of 14, this is a time when you can look at how you can build your skills and knowledge for independence. 

This website is to assist you plan your pathway into adulthood.  It has been designed to help you find out about services and organisations that can support you if you have a special educational need or a disability.  Choose from one of the categories below to find out more.  North Somerset Adult Transition Team support young people aged 18 - 25 years, see their leaflet for more information.

Web Accessibility  Our site is designed to be used by people with disabilities. However, you may find that you need additional tools to assist you.  Ability.Net has information on free resources for vision, hearing, motor and cognitive problems.

If you feel something is wrong or missing on this site, please let us know by emailing 


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